Face Lift

he standard face lift procedure performed at the Medici Surgery Center in Tijuana, Mexico, is also known as a lower face lift. This targets the lower third of the face from the neck to the corners of the mouth. This area is often the first to show signs of aging. Candidates for this procedure often have excess, drooping skin around the mouth, neck, and jawline.

Face lift procedures of the past often produced less-than-satisfactory results because they targeted only excess skin and failed to treat the underlying facial structures that also tend to sag over time. Medici surgeons are able to achieve more natural-looking results by using modern techniques to tighten facial muscles and remove fatty tissue in addition to "lifting" the outer layer of skin.

In the standard face lift procedure, jaw and neck contours are restored to a tauter, more youthful shape. Wrinkles around the mouth are also smoothed away. The standard face lift is used to achieve beautiful outcomes for patients who desire correction for the neck and lower third of the face. Patients who are interested in complete facial rejuvenation may be appropriate candidates for the full face lift, which includes the lower face lift, mid face lift, and brow lift.

Stem Cell Transplantation/Face Lift

Stem Cell Facelift refers to the injection of fat into the face to increase volume. Fat injection can be used to rebuild volume anywhere on the body and is a technique that has developed significantly since 2008. With this process, fat is gently taken from areas such as the abdomen or the legs using a low-vacuum liposuction. The fat is then placed in a centrifuge to gravitationally separate it into three layers: a top layer of oil, a central layer of concentrated fat and a bottom layer of blood.

Research has determined that the bottom 20% of the fat layer has the most fat stem cells and growth factors. This stem cell rich fat layer is believed to produce fat cells with the best survival rate for transplantation into specific regions of the face.

The fluid and oil is discarded and the fat is transferred to small, 1cc syringes. The skill of the technique is in the injection process. Small amounts of fat are injected underneath the skin in fine tunnels. This creates beads of fat, which are crosshatched in the injection area. This slowly and effectively builds up the area and gives the fat cells an opportunity to establish blood supply. The technique yields better results than simply injecting boluses of fat into the injection areas. Generally, more than 50% of the fat can become permanent.

Facelifts can be done with or without including this process. The most common question patients ask about the Stem Cell Facelift is, "How long does the fat last?" That depends on the injection area. For example, injections in a cheek location will have a better take than the augmentation of the lips, which are constantly in motion.

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