Medici Medical Advisors

Hebert Schramm, MD - Chief Surgeon, Stem Cell Clinician, and Researcher; Graduate School of Medicine, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Baja California. Dr. Schramm is a licensed physician and practicing surgeon for twenty three years. He oversees a successful medical practice and surgery hospital in Baja California, Mexico. The Medici Surgery Center performs numerous surgical procedures encompassing Metabolic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Schramm is also a trained researcher in Genetics with a particular focus in Cancer Research and Clinical Efficacy, as well as a Clinician and International lecturer on Allo, Autologus, and Xeno Cell transplantation.

Nancy Lord, MD JD - Corporate Governance; Dr. Lord is a physician and registered patent attorney working with medical innovations both nationally and internationally in product development, clinical trials, patent and trademark prosecution, licensing, regulatory compliance, and consumer, first amendment and advertising issues. She has medical degree from the University of Maryland, law degree Georgetown University, and has served as Chairman of the Institutional Review Board of a large nutraceutical company since 2006. During the 1990's, Dr. Lord consulted and provided expert witness testimony primarily on the teratologic effects of various pharmaceuticals on the developing embryo and fetus.

Sergey L. Znoyko, MD, PhD - Chief Scientific Officer; Dr. Znoyko received his Medical Degree from Moscow Medical Institute; he completed his residency in Endocrinology at Moscow Medical Institute and Moscow City Hospital; in 1996 Dr. Znoyko received a PhD in Developmental Biology from the Russian Academy of Sciences; from 2003 to 2004 was a postdoctoral fellow in Cellular Biology and Anatomy at the Medical University of South Carolina; and 1999 to 2003 was a postdoctoral fellow in Ophthalmology at Storm Eye Institute, Medical University of South Carolina.

Medici Treating Doctors

Dr. Heberto Schramm

Medici Medical Director, Surgeon

Dr. Leopoldo Sanmiguel


Dr. Mauricio Gutiérrez

General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery & Bariatric Surgery

Dra. Silvia Castillo

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Domingo Diego


Dr. Eduardo Moreno


Dr Alejandro Solórzano

ENT (otorrhinolaryngology)

Dr. José M. Segovia


Dr. Enrique Santiago


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